Baxi - Backpack


Longchamp has combined know-how and modernity to create BAXI. A line that will appeal to businessmen in search of elegance, thanks to its streamlined, contemporary style. Its smooth, supple leather offers a soft and silky feel. Its rectangular lines with rounded corners enhanced with metallic zippers are the BAXI signature. It has a discreet embossed Longchamp signature. Both understated and functional, the line sings the praises of simplicity. This new version was designed to offer an on-trend item in a timeless black color. Each of the six models have been designed to fulfil a maximum of functions for everyday use. Its layout has been optimised, offering an external zipper pocket, a padded compartment for a computer and iPad®, pen pockets, a place for a phone and trolley compatibility. The line consists of Men’s Bags and Business accessories.

Boxford - Hobo bag


BOXFORD embodies Longchamp chic in the business world. It is one of the house’s iconic lines in two-tone fabric trimmed in Russian leather, which adds a decidedly chic and high-quality feel. An exclusive touch: BOXFORD is the only line allowing to compose a sophisticated set with a business bag and luggage. It elegantly sets the scene for the world’s great travellers.

Cavalier - Crossbody bag


CAVALIER is the elegant and casual masculine line. A full range of men’s and business bags in vintage-style cowhide, set off by ecru topstitching giving the items a distinctly elegant feel. Its original detail: the Longchamp label in large letters embossed into the leather, a signature feature. These are functional items designed for the modern man... as well as being a firm favourite with many women!

Cricket - Top-Handle L


Inspired by British style, Longchamp is proud to reveal its CRICKET line, embodying sport-chic style for men. A very masculine cotton, piece-dyed gabardine is brought to life with clever cuts and stripes in bright colours, giving the line a very club spirit. Rounded edges, leather handles and a shoulder strap sign an elegant and sporty look. Both fun and functional, CRICKET is designed for today’s modern man.

Le Foulonné - Backpack


Honouring the best leather goods traditions, Longchamp has created a classic: LE FOULONNÉ. Of smart-casual inspiration, the models in this line are both supple and robust. Available in a wide range of colours, they feature a very sober signature. With its emblematic drummed grain, the cowhide creates a timeless feel.

Le Foulonné bicolore - Backpack


LE FOULONNÉ BICOLORE offers a new take on the great business classics of the iconic LE FOULONNÉ line. Capitalizing on the models’ functionality and sturdy leather, this new two-tone version is both modern and practical.

Le Pliage - Document holder


The Le Pliage collection is based around an ingenious principle: a bag that's foldable and lightweight whatever its size. Cleverly designed and flexible, this business line develops that original concept. It features the collection's iconic snap closure and leather flap.

Longchamp 2.0 - Document holder S


The business bags in the Longchamp 2.0 line are the perfect balance between a classic professional look and a desire for style. The geometric "necktie tip" detail, the hot-stamped pale golden logo and golden hardware accentuate the graphic appearance of this subtly eccentric line.

Longchamp 3D - Backpack S


In LONGCHAMP 3D, the brand combines modernity and symmetry. Style takes on a whole new dimension! The line’s items feature a Longchamp signature brought to life through a play on depth to create a 3D effect. This line, with its strong character, owes its elegance to its exceptionally supple calfskin. It’s a washed leather, which means its grain and colours may be irregular in places. With use, it develops a patina and reveals its full potential, beautifully shiny and elegant.

Longchamp 3D Kudu - Backpack S


LONGCHAMP 3D KUDU draws its inspiration from the world of the wild, daring the effects of wear. The Kudu is an animal of the antelope family that lives on the arid and rugged African steppes. Its rawhide bears marks, such as scars, that tell the story of the animal’s life. Which makes each model unique. The leather used for these authentic items is processed naturally, allowing it to live on, to create a patina over time and become even more beautiful with age.

Nyltec - Crossbody bag


True to the Longchamp DNA, the NYLTEC line was designed without compromise paying special attention to functionality, design and usability. This new line meets the needs of today’s working man while offering a range of contemporary products. Both modern and dynamic, NYLTEC combines elegance, comfort and high performance by using innovative materials such as technical nylon, known to be extremely resistant, and a most noble, smooth cowhide. This line has risen to challenge of proving itself suitable for all lifestyles!

Parisis - Crossbody bag


The PARISIS line offers a unique range of timeless yet original products crafted in ultra-supple metis leather for a more unstructured look. The discreetly embossed logo and sophisticated details on the handles and tabs give this line an elegant feel. The range is crafted in metis leather, which combines all the qualities of lambskin and goatskin for greater flexibility and strength.

Parisis Bicolore - Briefcase


Available in an elegant two-tone design, PARISIS has taken on a sleek style. The smooth, subtle leather sets off the refined color duos to perfection. In subtle monochrome (Navy/Blue Mist) or in a contrasting combination (Black/Greige), these colors are surely appealing to the eye.

Racing + - Hobo bag


Longchamp's legendary meticulous workmanship truly earns its stripes on the Racing + line. Made from exquisite leather with a minimalist appearance, Racing + business designs are instantly recognizable with their graphic and structured lines as well as their sophisticated details.

S@Fari-Sur-Seine - Backpack


S@FARI-SUR-SEINE embraces a Lodge theme that teams comfort with luxury. Crafted from cotton-effect nylon canvas, it has a raw and authentic feel. To further accentuate its smart casual style, the models have leather patches on their shoulder straps and leather trimmings. The smooth, pure style of the leather and the aged copper finish on the rivets play up its adventurous spirit. Everything you need to brave the office jungle!

Ulysse - Briefcase


ULYSSE is the embodiment of a hero from Greek mythology. In the Longchamp odyssey, it shares the noble young bull hide of the PÉNÉLOPE line. Created from a full and sensual leather with a naturally drummed grain, the line is designed for experienced businessmen. Its refinement is reflected in its details: round handles, delicate topstitching, the hot-stamped signature and a discreet, whimsical Celadon lining! The distinctive feature of our modern-day hero: the leather “tie tip” details adorning the models.

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