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This flat, rectangular clutch has a strap that allows it to be hand held or carried around the wrist.

The Pénélope line was born of the fusion of Longchamp styles and expertise. A delicious blend of the world of sport reinterpreted with Longchamp's refined touch, the line's accessories reveal a contemporary and informal style.

Reference : L2039843484

£ 69.00 Color : Greige Longchamp


24x14 cm

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Closing : Zipped
Strap : Yes
1 main zipped compartment


Accessories finishes : Brushed pale gold
Body : Young bull hide
Lining : Polyester - Jacquard, Longchamp ribbons
This product can be protected by applying a waterproofing agent, following the recommendations given by the manufacturer.
All Longchamp items are created with the utmost care in our workshops.
To guarantee their longevity, we recommend that you follow a few simple rules:
• protect the product from heavy rain;
• avoid all contact with oily products, products containing solvents or alcohol (perfume for example);
• avoid prolonged exposure to br ight light;
• for dark-coloured items, avoid prolonged contact with light-coloured fabr ics, especially in a humid environment;
• for light-coloured items, avoid friction with other materials or prints whose colours may rub off (jeans for example);
• be careful not to scr atch or rub the product against abr asive surfaces;
• after use, we recommend storing your bag in a case , away from light, humidity and heat.


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