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With a curved handle made from genuine maple wood, this stick umbrella is a sophisticated accessory that will protect you from the rain with elegance.

Umbrellas are an everyday accessory that come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and materials. Longchamp uses its leather goods expertise and sense of style to offer a wide range, from small retractable umbrellas able to easily fit into your bag, to generous walking stick umbrellas that make sure your elegance is not lost in the rain.

Reference : L1560CPA116

£ 120.00 Color : Natural Longchamp


90 cm

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Accessorie : Ring stamped with Longchamp Horse
Accessorie finishes : Leather
Umbrella function : Stick
Opening : Manual
Rib : 10
Handle : Curved
Handle details : Genuine maple wood
Two-tone stick umbrella with manual opening
Snap closure tab
Leather ring stamped with Longchamp horse
Longchamp logo on base of umbrella
Curved handle made from genuine maple wood
Height 90 cm


Principal Material: Cotton/Polyamide Curved maple wood handle Leather ring embossed with the horse


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